• General Design

    • Cladding

      A new limestone façade and zinc roof come together and form an elegant landmark at the Gateway to the City.

    • Floor to Ceiling Height

      Typical office floors (1st -7th floor) : 2.7 m
      8th floor: 2.6 m
      9th floor: 2.6 m to 4.4 m max.

    • Structural Grid

      The floors have clear spans of between 6 m and 10 m.

    • Floor Loadings

      All office floors: 2.5 kN/m2 + 1.0 kN/m2 (partitions) + 0.85 kN/m2 (finishes and services).

    • Means of Escape

      Design density for means of escape is 1:8 m2 per person.

    • WC Design Density

      Office floors provide unisex sanitary accommodation at a density of 1:10 on 1st, 8th and 9th floors and 1:12 m2 on 2nd – 7th floors. Risers and services provision have been allocated to allow density to be increased to 1:8 m2 if required.

      Each floor provides 1 unisex disabled WC.

  • Vehicular Access Provision

    • Loading / Unloading Area

      The building’s loading/ unloading bay is accessed from Arthur Street.

    • Bicycle Parking

      96 secure bicycle spaces provided at basement level. Shower and changing facilities are provided adjacent to the bicycle parking spaces including a unisex disabled shower. Lockers and a drying room are also provided.

  • Vertical Transportation

    • Lift Design Density

      Lifts to all office floors are BCO 2009 compliant and have been designed for a density of 1:10 m2 (NIA) per person on every floor; this reflects a workplace density of 1:8 m2 with an utilisation of just over 80%.

    • Main Lobby Lifts

      1 x 1,125 kg passenger lifts, with capacity for 15 persons
      1 x 1,200 kg passenger lifts, with capacity for 16 persons
      1 x 1,275 kg passenger lifts, with capacity for 17 persons
      All lifts have a maximum speed of 1.6 m/s, average, a waiting time of 30 seconds in peak periods.

      New platform lift- sesame access solutions fully concealed with retracting steps.

    • Fire Fighting Lift

      Lift 1 also doubles as a firefighting lift.

  • Internal Finishes

    • Entrance Hall and Reception

      The reception space comprises of a double height entrance hall leading into a lift lobby. The lobby then opens up though large glass doors onto the private rear courtyard. The interior of the reception is finished with Portland stone floors and feature walls in marble and leather with brass accents throughout.

    • Offices

      The offices are completed to Category A specification to include:

      • Metal tiled raised access floor
      • White Emulsion painted internal walls
      • Typical office raised floor of 150mm (1st-7th floors), 100m raised floor on the 8th & 9th floors
      • Metal tiled (600 mm x 600 mm tiles) suspended ceiling with integral lighting, integrated grilles and fire detection system
      • Plasterboard perimeters with feature lighting.
  • Electrical Services

    • Electrical Supply

      The building has a kV power supply with an available capacity of 1100kVa.

    • Design Criteria:

      Lighting 12W per m2 (NLA)
      Small power 25W per m2 (NLA) diversified to 15W per m2 for building demand.

      Plant area at basement level has been allocated to accommodate a standby battery UPS providing 3 hours autonomy serving firefighting services only.

    • Fire Detection

      The system shall have the capacity and capability for tenant expansion to L2 standard for an open plan office space.

      The whole of the fire detection and alarm system shall be installed, tested and commissioned in accordance with BS 5839 Category standards.

    • Security

      CCTV within the ground floor entrance, loading bay door, lobby and rear garden.

      Power provision for future installation of access barriers in the reception.

  • Mechanical Services

    • Air Conditioning

      A water cooled VRF air conditioning system serves all office floors with metered power per floor. Central fresh air and extract services to each floor.

    • Occupancy

      Generally - 1 person per 10 m2 (NLA)

    • Fresh Air

      1.8 litres per second per m2 (NLA)

    • Internal Temperatures

      Summer internal temperature (office floors)
      24 oC +/- 2 oC
      Winter internal temperature (office floors)
      20 oC +/- 2 oC
      Circulation space 18 oC minimum.

    • Cooling Power Load Capacity

      25 W/m2 small power
      12 W/m2 lighting
      10 W/m2 additional capacity on riser and at central plant.

    • Sustainability

      The scheme has been registered under BREEAM 2011. The planning sustainability statement has been submitted on the basis of achieving a BREEAM ‘Very Good’ rating. This strategy has been accepted and conditioned by the City of London. The scheme will target the maximum credits possible for a development of this nature.

    • Energy Efficiency

      The building has been designed to incorporate passive methods to reduce tenant energy consumption.

    • Energy Saving Measures Include:

      • High performance façade insulation
      • High performance double glazing with good internal light quality
      • Good acoustic performance through the façade.